Topekans enjoy four distinct and very beautiful seasons. Spring often comes as early as March when the daffodils bloom. Summers pass with just a few days over 100 degrees. Nearly 70 percent of the annual precipitation falls between April and September. Autumn is a season of warm days, cool nights, and colorful foliage. Winter’s first storm usually strikes before the end of December.

  • 2012 rainfall: 23.06 inches
  • 2012-2013 winter snowfall: 8.4 inches
  • Average winter snowfall: 19.9 inches

SPRING | Gage Park Rock Garden – Average Temperature: April: 50.6 degrees
SUMMER | Ensley Botanical Gardens at Lake Shawnee – Average Temperature: July: 80.0 degrees
FALL | Ward Meade Park Average – Average Temperature: October: 56.1 degrees
WINTER | Gazebo at Memorial Park Cemetery – Average Temperature January: 34.5 degrees