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Topeka gives us laughter and entertainment, careers we can grow in, beautiful neighborhoods to raise our families in, and great parks and trails for an escape. Topeka inspires us. Help share that inspiring moment and become a Topeka Social Ambassador.

Social Ambassadors are a group of social media active area professionals, businesses, residents and community leaders who show their support, enthusiasm and passion for the Greater Topeka area by sharing positive news, announcements, and showcasing life via their personal or professional social networks using the #TopCity hashtag. Sign up now to become an official Social Ambassador for Topeka. Get alerts with the latest news and announcements and start sharing!

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After signing up to be a part of the Topeka Social Ambassador program, there are few other ways you can help spread community pride.

  1. Join the Topeka Social Ambassador Facebook group. This is a great way to stay in contact with your fellow Ambassadors as well as share good news with them. Go to
  2. Subscribe to the Topeka Life YouTube Channel, go to
  3. We encourage you to comment on articles. The Topeka Capital-Journal shares great news about Topeka, by commenting and sharing on their articles you can help spread more pride in our county.
  4. Head over to and leave a comment on a school that you or you family has attended.

You can find a How-To guide to do these things here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact Matt Lara.