Robert (Bob) Faught holds two distinct roles within his joint career as the district sales coordinator for Aflac and president and co-founder of Quality of Life, Inc. He is both an advocate and an educator. After spending nearly 35 years experiencing and resolving joint pain, Bob was inspired to write a book about his experience, entitled Our Joint Decisions: A Patient’s Perspective to Successfully Manage Joint Pain, Surgeries & Replacements.  Although the book chronicles Bob’s path to healing, focusing on a “mind over body” outlook, he asserts that this approach can be applied to any struggle in one’s life. Inspired by the role of education in quality of life, Bob and his wife, Leah, set out to create their non-profit, Quality of Life, Inc., in 2009. His motivational speaking career would follow, with the advocate and author visiting many schools, senior organizations and other programs to educate and motivate individuals on taking control of their bodies and lives.  

In 2012, Quality of Life, Inc. organized the first Topeka & Shawnee County Senior Health Fair and Symposium. The event centered on providing seniors with more information on the health programs and services available to them.

 In addition to educational opportunities, Quality of Life, Inc. also offers a special program for aspiring motivational writers. The “I Care to Share” program is designed for individuals who are looking to share their powerful stories of self-improvement. Approved authors will receive mentorship from Bob during the writing and editing process and advice in finding the right publisher for their work.

In 2013, Bob became the district sales coordinator for Aflac – a position well suited for his passion for education and promotion of quality of life. Alfac provides supplemental insurance for individuals and groups to help pay benefits your major medical insurance doesn’t cover.

For more information on either organization, you may contact Bob Faught at