Midwest Float is a new member of the Chamber, and as with most new members the Chamber gets the occasional question about what they do or who they are. Businesses their names make them fairly self-explanatory. However, with Midwest Float questions came flooding into our office the moment they joined.

Midwest Float Pod Topeka, KS So what is Midwest Float?

The simplest way I can describe it is a company that specializes in stress and anxiety release. What is it really? Imagine going into an enclosed hot tub, and the water is warm and very salty (like Dead Sea salty). For 90 minutes you “float” in this salty water and, if like most, you relax enough to basically fall asleep.

My Experience

So to really explain it to people, Casey Campbell the owner, let me experience what I had been trying to describe. Here is what I can tell you:

  1. For about the first 15-30 minutes I had to work to shut my brain off. It literally started filling up with to-dos, possible Pinterest projects and things that I needed to accomplish at home. Then like a switch it just shut off.
  2. I fell asleep….. OK, they said it was only like light sleep but I felt like I had woken from a long nap. I felt disoriented at first but quickly realized where I was and about 10 minutes later my float was over.
  3. Yes, I did get dry salt on the tops of my legs. I reached down and touch them at some point and thought “gross” but quickly just splashed water on them and all was good in the world again.
  4. After floating for 90 minutes with no pressure on my body, I was a little unstable when I got out. 
  5. After I showered and stepped out, I felt a glow about me, and felt very mellow. My glow reminded me of the pregnancy glow and just felt good; DO NOT schedule anything after your float. I felt like I just wanted to grab a cup of coffee and read a book alone for a few hours. That was attributed to just de-cluttering my head and after about 3 hours I was back to the land of the living.
  6. My skin was so soft. Epsom salts are in the water, and mistakenly I thought I might have drier skin when I stepped out of the float, but in fact the opposite was true.

So there it is, my personal experience with floating. I’m sure everyone has a  different experience, but for those of you interested in knowing what it is, hopefully this blog helps. For more info, get a hold of Casey at Midwest Float. Make sure to let me know what your experience was, if you try it!