MidWest Barber College is Topeka’s leading educational center for barbers. The school originally opened in 2011 and reopened in 2015 under the ownership of Lucy Opit, a seasoned hair care professional, barber and business owner. Accredited through the Kansas Board of Regents, MidWest Barber College offers a 1,500 credit hour program that provides students training in the field of barbering and further prepares them for licensure. MidWest’s curriculum is diversified and includes textbook and theory coursework as well as hands-on labs. In addition to up-to-date classrooms and lab rooms, the college’s facilities provide state of the art equipment as well as several special features to help cultivate the learning experience; including a simulated barbershop in which students are exposed to all the components of operating or owning your own business, dealing with everything from chair-rental to filing taxes. MidWest Barber College also currently offers an industry related crossover program to those licensed in cosmetology in which candidates only need to complete 500 credit hours to received certification. As this it is a small school, MidWest faculty and staff work closely with students to ensure each individual’s academic and professional success.

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