A Message from an LGT Alumna

It was a former supervisor who first approached me about Leadership Greater Topeka. She said she’d like to nominate me and asked if I would be interested.

Honestly? My first thought was “no.” I was too busy. I couldn’t spare the time out of the office. I had a hundred other commitments and couldn’t justify adding another. Besides, I’m from Topeka. What more could there possibly be to learn?

I promised her I would think about it. So I learned what I could about the program and I spoke to a couple alumni. I thought it was odd that they were all convinced they had the “best class ever,” but hey, good for you guys. Regardless, everyone I spoke to said it was an incredible experience and encouraged me to apply.

So I went back to my boss and told her I would appreciate the nomination. Fast forward a few months and I got the good news that I had been accepted into the LGT class of 2013. The program begins with a two day retreat, and after all the projects, team building and sharing you do in those first two days, you leave there with thirty-ish new friends. You begin looking forward to Fridays. Then you wish sessions were every Friday rather than every other. Then you realize how quickly the time is going and you start to dread the end.

Leadership Greater Topeka will literally change your life. You’ll learn more about the city you thought you knew. You’ll form relationships that you still cherish five years later. You’ll find yourself challenged and you’ll grow. You’ll wish you could do it all over again.

And then, when someone asks you what your experience was like and if they should consider doing it, you can give them a wholehearted “yes” and explain to them why yours was the “best class ever.”

Nominations are open through Friday, September 21. Nominate yourself and/or a friend today!