It’s time once again to get your birdie on at the annual Forge Glow Golf Tournament. Young professional (YPs) from across Topeka & Shawnee County will take to the Lake Shawnee Golf Course at just past twilight to see who has what it takes to achieve not only a perfect round but to achieve a perfect round in the dark. Has your competitive nature been peaked?

Okay, you might have to settle for a “half perfect” round as we’ve modified the tournament to nine holes so as not to keep everyone out too late. But the challenge still remains!

See if you can play a perfect game with only two glow balls, one glow bracelet and necklace, a glow stick and flash light at your disposal! In addition to the glowing accoutrements, each player will receive 2 drink tickets and have access to their own golf cart. 

Come ready to socialize! This is a great opportunity to meet with fellow Forge members with a shared interest in the game. Play few holes, grab a cold-one and enjoy a little alternative exercise.

Interested health and fitness? Get involved with Forge Health Initiative!  

Cost per player is $46. Note: A waiver must be signed by each player prior to teeing off. 

Sign up your team today!

A message from Forge Executive Director Gabriel O’Shea

As Summer turns towards fall, it’s an exciting time to enjoy warm summer night. What better way to do this then playing golf under the moonlight with glow sticks lining the course. I would like to personally invite you to join us on Thursday, August 2 at 9 p.m. at Lake Shawnee Golf Course to have fun, enjoy a beautiful summer night, hit some golf balls (hopefully straight and far), and have fun with friends.