A 2 Day Interactive Workshop Driven by Momentum 2022

Intercity visits are a great way for community leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors to gain knowledge about innovative ideas and programs from other cities. The visit provides an opportunity for interaction among city leaders and facilitates the exchange of best practices and lessons learned between two cities.

This fall we are headed to the central hub of the Civil Rights Movement – Montgomery, Alabama, where we’ll learn directly from local leaders about important topics like economic development, entrepreneurial resources, tourism, riverfront development, diversity, equity and inclusion, education, local government and more! 

Last year, Topeka visited Chattanooga, Tennessee. Chattanooga was chosen due to its similar population, challenges and recent successes. Those who attended Expedition Chattanooga had the opportunity to learn from local leaders about topics important to Topekans such as: Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Riverfront, Diversity & Inclusion, Education,  Young Professionals, Local Government, Community Health and more!