Government Relations

Mission: To further the growth of business, jobs and quality of life through favorable legislation and positive working relationships with local, state and federal governments.

Goal: Attain favorable state business legislation
Strategy: Develop & maintain legislative policies and priorities.
Action Plan:

  • Committee and staff determines potential legislative issues.
  • Board approves legislative priorities.

Strategy: Achieve legislative approval of priorities & business legislation.
Action Plan:

  • Through alliances with other stakeholders, through coalitions and individually achieve approval of legislation.
  • Testify before legislative committees & lobby individual legislators.
  • Provide information and data to policy makers.

Strategy: Keep members informed about legislative issues.
Action Plan:

  • Legislative Information Committee.
  • Email legislative updates to members.
  • Report to Board and member groups.
  • Publish Legislative Priorities and results in Topeka Business and on our website.
  • Offer State legislative program during Legislature session.

Strategy: Hold a welcome event for legislature.
Action Plan:

  • Cosponsor event with Downtown Topeka, Visit Topeka, North Topeka Business Alliance, Heartland Visioning Government Foundation, NOTO, MTAA, City of Topeka, Shawnee County and Topeka Metro.

Goal: Attain favorable federal legislation.
Strategy: Develop and articulate policy positions on issues affecting business.
Strategy: Partner with US Chamber for information and coalitions.

Goal: Maintain & grow federal jobs and operations in Topeka.
Action Plan:

  • Build economic relationships with the federal & military employers.
  • Retain Washington consulting firm, Madison Government Relations, to assist in reaching goals set by the Joint Economic Development Organization (JEDO). 

Strategy: Work with federal operations in Topeka to maintain and grow their presence.

Strategy: Work with federal delegation, Adjutant General's office, and the 190th ARW for maintenance and growth of military operations.

Goal: Bring members and federal delegation together to work on issues.
Action Plan:

  • Provide Federal Forums and federal delegation meetings for members to communicate business concerns and suggestions.

Goal: Work with local officials to enhance the growth of business and jobs in Topeka and Shawnee County.

  • Testify before city and county and government agencies on issues impacting local business.
  • Work with elected officials and staff to better business growth and stability.
  • Provide business information to government bodies.

Goal: Adequate infrastructure available for the growth of business and population
Strategy: Work with local governments, MTAA & utilities on priorities.
Strategy: Provide input to the city and county on local plans and development

Action Plan:

  • Participate in government committees relating to infrastructure.

Goal: Gain new ideas and processes for achieving solutions to community challenges.
Strategy: Coordinate Inter-City Visit for public and private sector leaders to interface with leaders from other communities to learn practices to achieve chamber and community goals.
Action Plan:

  • Schedule and facilitate a planned visit to another community to exchange ideas and gain insight from local officials and their community volunteers and chamber staff.
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